Road Rage

coachhorsesThe case came up at the Surrey quarter sessions – how could road users behave like this! Near the New Cross turnpike Isaac Rawlinson, driving the Deptford & Greenwich coach decided he would get to the turnpike first and began whipping his horses to overtake another coach. He could not afford the time waiting behind and wanted the first use of the ostler. It soon developed into a race for the turnpike.
Unfortunately approaching from the opposite direction was a royal coach party, the Princess of Wales herself travelling from Charlton to Carlton House. She had two outriders. George Millward on the front horse decided that the royal party had to be protected (in danger of being ‘overharmed’) and rode towards the stage ‘being driven furiously’ to head it off.

Isaac obviously thought time of more importance than royalty and still driving through on the wrong side of the road caused George to swerve. The horse went down on its haunches throwing George on to some palings. Meanwhile Isaac got through first to the turnpike.
The results of the quarter sessions were not found. Undoubtedly Isaac was censured, probably fined and got the equivalent of three points on his licence! Poor George certainly got his three points, not off his licence but off the top of the palings!

Martin Warwick

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