TinyTalk baby signing

awardlogotinytalkOur families have lots of fun at TinyTalk classes each week; using a variety of familiar songs and rhymes to learn signs with their babies. Communication is so much better than frustration for parents and their little ones! There is also social play time for the babies whilst the adults can chat with me individually to support their learning, make some new friends or just enjoy relaxing with a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit!

In March we had lots of fun at our special Easter lesson and this term we have already enjoyed sessions themed on essential Signs, My Family, Food and optimistically Clothes for a Hot Day! Each week we focus on about half a dozen core signs but include many other signs for more experienced or adventurous signers.

We are delighted that TinyTalk baby signing and toddler communication classes have been recognised as the most popular activity for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers across the UK. In the prestigious Gentle Parenting Awards 2016 showcasing the very best ‘fresh, modern and ethical’ products and services for young families, TinyTalk classes loved by families attending locally in Bookham are clearly the nation’s firm favourite too. Families were asked to vote for their favourites and a panel of parents completed detailed questionnaires about the classes. I am so proud that TinyTalk has won these national awards voted for and chosen by Gentle Parenting families.

Our TinyTalk babies have so much to say before they can speak. By teaching them just a few signs it can make such a difference to young families. My class attendees learn signs the fun way through songs and sensory activities- and then it’s playtime and refreshments. This time is also useful to check everyone is ok with their signing at home and just in general! Being a new parent is hard work so this time is really important for everyone to chat, relax and recharge the batteries! I’m so pleased that our ‘winning formula’ that families value so much has won these national awards.

TinyTalk established in 2002 is now a multi-award-winning company with over 130 teachers delivering its popular baby signing classes and toddler communication classes to over 7000 young families each week. Passionate about how important communication is for pre-schoolers, Founder and Managing Director, Katie Mayne said: “We are thrilled to win these national awards from Gentle Parenting. Many of our class families feel deeply that they are ‘gentle parents’ doing the very best they can to support their children. By teaching them signs and helping their babies to communicate before they can speak they ‘give them a voice’- allowing them to express their thoughts and needs. This results in far fewer frustrations and tantrums and very happy, understood babies.”

“I am very proud of my strong team of dedicated and enthusiastic teachers delivering these quality baby and toddler classes across the UK. Everyone works very hard to ensure that our classes are always lots of fun. We are delighted to have our hugely popular classes recognised officially and we are honoured to be voted the nation’s favourite top activity provider for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.”

Even before children are able to speak (around the age of 12 to 18 months) they’ve still got a lot to say- and they can talk about what’s on their minds with their hands. It introduces them to language gives them a huge boost in confidence, minimises misunderstandings and frustrations and helps them to start making attempts at speech.

In fact children that can communicate through signs from aged 6 months onwards have so much to say. Parents and carers are often surprised and thrilled to find out exactly what their babies are thinking about from what they’ve noticed in the park to how they’re feeling. Popular signs are ‘milk’, ‘food’, ‘book’ and ‘duck’. Examples of how babies’ signs can be surprising or helpful are a baby signing ‘home’ when they were frightened of a firework display, a baby signing ‘cloud’ when they noticed someone wearing a padded white jacket and a baby signing ‘water’ when their parents forgot their drink at a meal-time!

Baby signing is empowering for everyone and a complete life-changer. As a TinyTalk parent recently said,“Baby signing is literally mind-blowing: to know what your baby is thinking and what they understand about the world that you would never realise without signing when your baby is pre-verbal. And once they start communicating there’s no stopping them! If you want to help your child in life introduce them to language.”
As another parent said,“Baby signing gives babies ‘a voice’ so that their thoughts can be expressed and their needs met. It allows them to be ‘heard’- and we all want to be heard.”
TinyTalk classes are weekly 1-hour sessions full of songs, games, books and sensory activities followed by playtime and refreshments. It’s a fun and popular combination that families value and love. Mayne, a former Primary School Teacher and Teacher of the Deaf founded TinyTalk in 2002 when she successfully used British Sign Language signs to aid communication with her first child.

TinyTalk now offers over 500 baby signing and toddler talking classes a week across the United Kingdom. Year on year TinyTalk has seen significant increases in demand as more and more families seek to experience the enormous benefits of early communication and understanding with their little ones.
Visit tinytalk.co.uk/katherinep to learn more and reserve your class place for the rest of the Summer term or get in touch with me on 07599 551882 at katherinep@tinytalk.co.uk or visit us on Facebook – TinyTalk Mole Valley.

As stated on the Gentle Parenting website the Awards:“… bring something very new and fresh to the parenting industry. Our awards have ethics, our awards aren’t focussed just on ‘the big guys’ in the parenting industry but those products that are well made, gentle to the child and the environment and ones that solve a problem and are genuinely loved by gentle parents.

Our awards are unique in that they are chosen by a blend of our very own parenting experts our parent review panel and the many thousands of parents who visit our website.”
What does your baby want to say to you? Give your baby a voice with a little helping hand from TinyTalk!

Katherine Preston – TinyTalk Mole Valley 07599 551882 katherinep@tinytalk.co.uk http://www.tinytalk.co.uk/katherinep   Facebook: TinyTalk Mole Valley

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