The Uniting of Dorking and Armada Probus Clubs

handshakeThe members of the Dorking and the Armada Clubs have agreed to combine on 1st May 2016 in a move designed to strengthen and improve the area’s Probus organisation.

The combined club under the name Armada Probus will meet on the first Wednesday of each month at Tyrrells Wood Golf Club for a two course luncheon followed by a talk given by a local speaker.  The merger will guarantee the medium term future of the single club and the increased membership will also widen the availability of quality speakers, so providing an ever more varied programme of presentations.

The new club will now cover the Dorking, Bookham and surrounding areas and welcomes retired local Professional and Business men to enjoy similar company on a monthly basis. As stated we meet at the Tyrrells Wood Golf Club on the first Wednesday of the month for a 12:45pm luncheon followed by a presentation which is planned to conclude at 3:00pm.

The members of the two clubs welcome this union wholeheartedly and look forward to the future development of the new single club.

Gentlemen who have or will soon be retired and wish to find out more about joining the new club -such as details of the planned speakers and their presentations – can find out more information from our website or by contacting our Secretary Peter Younghusband on 01372 459603

Photo: David Walker of Armada Probus and Paul Beardsall of Dorking Probus celebrate the uniting of the two clubs.

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