Rainbow Playgroup

053At Rainbow Playgroup we believe it’s important for children to be able to develop their creativity.  We want children to discover things for themselves because we know that this means they will have significant learning experiences. We also want children to  enjoy using their own ideas as they explore different materials.

065At Rainbow we make sure we provide plenty of ‘open- ended’ materials.  Open- ended materials are materials that can be used by the children in lots of different ways.  For instance we recently added some recycled small pieces of flowery cards to our art area.  One child made a picture with the cards, another put one in a bag and used it as his ‘ticket’ and another child counted the cards as she used them to build a tower.

Another child recently found that our magnetic blocks ‘stick to the radiator’ and he was excited to share his discovery with a small group of children who created a display together.  Another child used two sticks and some water from the water play and was thrilled to find he could ‘paint’ on the chalkboards.  The members of staff share the children’s excitement as they make these discoveries (and are also quick to put boundaries in place if the discoveries are not quite appropriate!)

059We encourage children’s creativity during our small group times. Last term in one of our small group times children worked with shapes.  Some children made piles of the shapes, some arranged them in lines and another child told us she had made ‘the sides of the sun with rainbow circle ones’!  In another small group time children worked with paint and cotton reels.  Some of the younger children simply enjoyed exploring the paint and finding out what they could do with it while other children made intricate patterns as they printed with the cotton reels.

We know that when we allow children the time and space to explore and discover things for themselves it builds their confidence and independence and they start to see themselves as capable individuals.

If you would like to come and visit Rainbow playgroup  please phone Janna Anscomb Rainbow’s Manager on 01372 811313.

Rachael Bannister

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