Inner Wheel Club of Bookham & Horsley

innerwheellogoThe Inner Wheel Club of Bookham & Horsley held a Charity Bridge Tea in the Old Barn Hall, Great Bookham on Friday 4th March.  This was a major new event for the club and to our pleasure over a hundred guests filled the old barn to its’ near capacity for an entertaining afternoon.

A well filled raffle table beguiled the players before the bridge began and then mid-way through the play tea was served.  I have never seen meringues disappear so quickly as the guests tucked into the home-made spread.

Prizes were awarded to the winning pair and winning slam whilst a happy player went off with a prize for winning a trick with a two represented by a helium balloon which was passed around the tables.

Well over £1,000 was raised for the Nepal Trust.  This is a small Scottish charity which for over 25 years has tried to bring health care and education to the remote Himalayan villages of Nepal.  However the devastating earthquakes which the region suffered sometime ago has meant that the Trust is now desperately trying to help rebuild the stricken villages. As the Trust is staffed by volunteers here in England all monies raised go direct to where it is most needed.

The Inner Wheel Club would like to thank everyone who came to support us and hope that they enjoyed their day.

Jane Bishop

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