Eastwick WI

mahjongIn the space of just two days in March Eastwick WI members had a ten pin bowling session in Guildford, a Mah-jong session in a member’s house (great cake served), a badminton session at Leatherhead Leisure Centre, a Group lunch for all the WIs in the local area and their own monthly meeting! It isn’t always like this of course and not everybody went to every event but it does prove that Eastwick is a very busy WI and members need never be searching for something to do.

The monthly meeting remains the mainstay of any WI and since Christmas Eastwick have enjoyed a humorous talk about a cycling adventure from England to Egypt, a fascinating talk about trees and music that made us appreciate the wonderful trees we have in Surrey and a talk from a barrister about what his role involved. At this meeting the numbers were swelled by partners and friends who enjoyed getting a taste of a WI meeting.

In between the monthly meetings the different special interest groups met. The Camera Group had a pub lunch instead of an outing – this gave them the opportunity to plan the months ahead. The Mah-jong Group celebrated Chinese New Year with a meal at a Thai restaurant and the Walking Group refreshed themselves with lunch after a stroll across Reigate Heath. Other groups managed to continue their meetings without the benefit of special meals but they are all thriving groups.

Plans are under way for Eastwick’s stall at Village Day. We hope to have more competition this year – fewer and fewer organisations seem to take up the challenge of theming their stalls. There will be outings and walks and a garden party throughout the summer and no doubt more chances to eat out together.

If you would like to find out more about this busy WI go to our website www.eastwickwi.btck.co.uk or come to one of our meetings. We meet on the third Wednesday of every month except August at 7.30 pm at St Mary’s Annexe, The Ridgeway Fetcham. Visitors are welcome at our meetings but we are sorry there is a waiting list to become a member.

Sally Dampney

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