Current Affairs Classes

Leisure Learning has now completed its ninth year of lectures and discussions dealing with important issues which concern us all. Topics covered during the last year have included Syria, China, ISIS and Terrorism, Russia under Putin, the forthcoming EU referendum and the 2016 US Election.

After many years of passing on to our two classes his in-depth knowledge of world issues Guy Arnold has been forced by ill health to retire from lecturing and though we will miss him greatly we are very fortunate that we have been able to replace him with Jim Chrystie. He too is extremely experienced and well travelled and has been lecturing on Current Affairs, Politics and History for many years.

The format of the classes will continue as before. Jim will choose a subject for the week which is in the news and will do a presentation lasting about 45 minutes. After a tea/coffee break individual members of the class can then put forward their questions or views on what has been said though if you want to learn just by listening to the discussion that’s no problem.

As well as the serious aspect of the classes the social side is not forgotten and we even hold Christmas and Easter buffet get togethers  for class members many of whom have now become friends through our meetings.  If you want to know more about what is going on in the world this will appeal to you and we are now inviting registration for the new sessions which start at the beginning of November. These will run through to early April  2017 with breaks for Christmas and the February half term.

Each of the twenty classes lasts for two hours and there are identical sessions in Bookham on Thursday mornings and afternoons. There are no questionnaires, no form filling and no homework. Just sit there in a relaxed environment while listening to expert commentary on domestic and world events followed by a healthy and stimulating exchange of views.

Because we run the courses ourselves we have low overheads and so  have been able to hold the cost for the two terms at £100 since we started 9 years ago. This works out at only £5 per two hour class, quite a bargain! Both groups are full of friendly men and women and any newcomer will be assured of a warm welcome from existing members.

If all this sounds interesting and you wish to find out more about or join one of these classes simply call TERRY or  LESLEY HULME on 01372 454223 or e mail us at  Both classes have only limited vacancies with many class members renewing year on year but we should be able to give you the latest situation when you make contact.

Terry Hulme

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