Bus Stop Pre-School

bp1The Spring term has been busy as usual and the children have really enjoyed their topics ‘Around the World’ and ‘Edwardian times’.

It was lovely to have so many parents coming in to share their experiences and knowledge of other countries during the first half of the term.  The children have cooked (and eaten!) lots of food from around the world, made flags, 3D models of the ‘Awful tower’ (otherwise known as the Eiffel tower!) and learnt how to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in lots of different languages.

bp3They have also been looking at everything Edwardian, dressing up and enjoying the role play area with lots of Edwardian items and costumes.  The Bus stop staff also dressed up and Julie did a special music and movement class for the children where they pretended to be different Edwardian characters.  The children (with Kate’s help!) produced a map of Polesden Lacey and made sure that it included all their favourite bits.

This year is the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter’s birth which has tied in brilliantly with our Edwardian theme.  The children have loved finding Peter Rabbit in the vegetable patch and wondering how he’s managed to sneak past them!  Beatrix Potter is also the theme for this year’s Bookham Village Day so we are all looking forward to designing our special Village Day Parade Costumes.

bp2In keeping with our historical theme we all spent a day at Ranmore common where we visited the woods, the old school and St Barnabas’s church.  Everyone was really proud of how well the children behaved especially as several dog walker commented on how good they were!

And last but not least was the fabulous Easter parade! The children made Easter bonnets and sang lots of fantastic songs for the parents/carers on the last day of term.  We then had an Easter egg hunt (for children) and hot cross buns (for the adults!) which was a lovely finish to the term.

Next term we are hoping for better weather and a chance to get out and about as much as possible.  Derek and all the team have been working extra hard to improve the outside area for the children with new writing tables (made from tree stumps) and more space at the front of the bungalow for chickens etc!

For more info on Bus Stop Pre-School contact Kate and Kelly on 01372 879712 or email busstoppreschool@aol.co.uk

Abby Haran

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