BRA Plant One Hundred Trees in Bookham

img_3445Saturday morning February 13th saw the planting of the 100th tree on the initiative of the Bookham Residents Association in Bookham.

In 2012 Lawrence Hole who had been a Tree Warden for many years, a voluntary position under the Tree Council national charity, put a note in the Bookhams Bulletin asking for other prospectives to join him as local Tree Wardens. We now have a group of 5 active tree wardens. Frances Fancourt who was already serving on the BRA Planning sub-committee with specific responsibility for looking at tree matters together with Stan Miles, became one of the wardens. Working in association with the BRA helped her to secure both support and funding from both Mole Valley DC and Surrey County Council. This enabled commissioning the carrying out of tree and verge maintenance works, neatening up trees and growth on verges and felling dead or dying trees, removing old tree stumps etc. A small amount of the funds received for this maintenance work has been used for replanting of Bookham’s verges as so many trees have died over the decades with no regular replanting. The initial impetus for planting came in 2012 from The Big Tree Plant initiative which was launched country wide in association with the Queen’s Jubilee. Rather than plant one tree to mark the occasion, funding was available for schemes and we applied for 40 trees to be planted over 3 years.

Now  the planting of the 100th tree has taken place, an event which really should be celebrated as a major achievement and something which will benefit the village for many years to come.

Congratulations and long may the work go on!


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