Bookham Recorded Music Club

Michael Crimmen presented our first programme of 2016 entitled ‘A Musical Miscellany’.   His first choice was the first three movements of Brahms Symphony No.1.     Holst’s ‘St. Paul’s Suite’ was composed for the orchestra of St. Paul’s Girls School.    The four part works of Schubert’s ‘Impromptus D935’ was followed by ‘Dialogue du vent et de la Mer’ from Debussy’s ‘La Mer’.   Tony Bennett sang ‘Some Other Time’ from Bernstein’s ‘On The Town’.   ‘After All’ played by the Duke Ellington Orchestra and ‘Lotus Blossom’ on piano by Duke Ellington.    George Lewis on clarinet played ‘Burgundy Street Blues’.    Inspired by the Malvern Hills Elgar composed his ‘Introduction & Allegro for Strings’.    Next ‘On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring and finally The Rondo from ‘Divertimento in B.Op.18’ by Lennox-Berkley.

Sheila Morley compiled a programme of ‘Past Favourites’ from her first programme in 1994.   Her titles included ‘All At Sea’ when she selected ‘The Song of the Seashore’ by Tamezo Narita played by James Galloway.   Hummels’s ‘Mandolin Concerto’ featured in ‘One Thing Leads to Another’ and ‘Vlatava die Moldau’ from Smetana’s ‘Ma Vlast’ in ‘Water, Water Everywhere.    Space does not allow me to include all her programme titles but music chosen included ‘Romance’ from Shostakovich’s ‘The Gadfly’ and Mozart’s ‘Clarinet Concerto’,  Le Roy Anderson’s ‘The Typewriter’ and ‘Sandpaper Ballet’ were included in ‘A Bag of Suites’  and Rota’s ‘Legend of the Glass Mountain’ brought her programme of reminiscences to a close.

Martin-Le-Rays ‘My Choice For You No.10’ began with the overture ‘The Lily of Killarney’ from ‘The Colleen Bawn’ by Julius Benedict followed by a 1940’s CD recording of Carl Nielson’s ‘Maskarade’ Overture and ‘Cockerel’s Dance’.      ‘Concerto for Clarinet No.3 by Carl Stamitz and ‘Six Bagatelles’ by Jean Sibelius were followed by ‘The Ship o’ the Fiend’ by Hamish MacCunn.   Edward Elgar’s ‘He Longed For Light’ was dedicated to Paderewski and played at a concert of Polish music on 6th July 1915 in the Queen’s Hall.    Two fund raising concerts in Prague included Smetena’s ‘Der Fisheer’ and ‘The Peasant Woman.   Martin’s final choice was ‘Concerto for Two Pianos by Francis Poulenc.
Michael Withers transferred some of his vinyl recordings to PC software and entitled his programme ‘Veni, Vici, Vinyl.   Johann Hummel’s ‘Concerto for Mandolin was followed by three songs from ‘Iolanthe’ by Gilbert & Sullivan.   ‘Adagio of Spartacus & Phrygia’ by Khachaturian and ‘Concierto de Malaga’ for guitar by Torroba was followed by three arias sung by Pavarotti.

‘Fanfare for the Common Man’ by Aaron Copland and ‘Manhattan’ from the Rogers and Hart Songbook was sung by Ella Fitzgerald which preceded Mikes final choice ‘Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.22’

Mary Brooks

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