Bookham Crafters

We began the year making necklaces out of wool.  This consists of knitting three lengths of wool all of the same size then platting them together.  The two outer sections had beads knitted on them.  I must admit at the beginning I couldn’t get how the beads could possibly be ‘knitted on’ but taught by our patient teacher all was revealed and they looked lovely. Our next lesson consisted of two very different Easter cards and a lovely little Easter basket made of card.  At first sight I thought it looked too much to do in the allotted time but no, it was fine.  One dear little card even had a ‘swinging’ Easter rabbit attached.  My daughter and family were most impressed.

Lesson number tree was a card made by parchment craft.  This is an ancient craft thought to have been used in the fifteenth century probably to decorate holy tracts or even book binding.  Today the material used is a heavy type of parchment paper (a bit like thick greaseproof paper and very silky).  It is easy to perforate and paint.  One can use special templates for this or special tools.  One gently scrapes the pattern out and then if one wishes you can paint them in very delicate colours otherwise it can remain white.  There are many tools one can buy.  It really does look very beautiful when done – a little like lace work.

You can see we have been ‘busy bees’ as always.  Exciting things to come – a different sort of card to make, needlecases and something called ‘pointism’ of which I haven’t a clue what it is!

Always remember if you feel like joining us you will be made most welcome.

Sylvia Dickinson

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