An exciting spring for the Eastwick Children

066The start of 2016 has been full of activities, fun learningand sporting success for the children at Eastwick schools. It has been a spring with a number of year groups venturing out and about in the local area and some even further afield. Reception visited the local fire station, Year 1 spent a day at Leeds Castle and St Nicolas Church in Bookham received a visit from Year 2. Even more excursions are planned for the next term with Year 4 going to Hatfield House, Reception spending a day at Bay Pond and Year 2 visiting Nower Woods.

World Book Day was, as always, a wonderful day with the opportunity for parents to visit the classrooms and have the children show them around and take part in a number of brilliant activities. The dedicated effort, from outfits and classroom displays to sheer enthusiasm, presented by the staff and children at Eastwick Schools makes this day truly enjoyable for everyone involved.

img_8368Our ever popular movie night at the infant school saw the hall transformed into a big screen cinema room with the mandatory popcorn and pyjama clad children clutching their teddies or pillows. And for the parents the annual quiz night proved to be extremely popular and as always very entertaining.

The Reception classes started the new term with a fun packed trip to the local fire station in Leatherhead where they spent the morning talking to the firemen, looking at the fire engines and the equipment and, not least, having a go with the fire hose, obviously under supervision and only a little “assistance” from the professionals. The trip to the fire station tied in nicely with the term’s superhero theme, which proved very popular amongst the Reception year. The children were quick to identify the link between super heroes and our own day to day heroes, hence we were lucky to have several parents visit the classrooms and talk to the children about their work as nurses, policemen etc.

img_8394The older infant school children have been taking a look back in time this spring with Year 1 learning about the Victorians and Year 2 exploring the great fire of London and the plague. Both year groups were lucky enough to spend a day with the Open Box Theatre group employing what they have learned in class.

One of the highlights of this term was Year 3 and 4’s school production of ‘Mr. Benn’. It was a very successful evening with some amazing singing from the children.  Year 5 and 6 followed a few weeks later with a dramatic performance of ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies’.

The Eastwick Schools sports teams seem to be going from strength to strength this year. The Year 6 football boys have had an excellent start to the season. In a recent tournament they managed to defeat a number of local schools, which led them to qualify for the Danone Nations Cup County Final at Woking Leisure Centre where they did themselves and the school proud. Their next challenge will be the final football tournament of the season in April at Oakfield Junior School, and the rest of the school look forward to cheering them on.

Also the Tag Rugby Team from Year 5 and 6 have been impressive in local tournaments. A mix of boys and girls went to St Peters recently where they played extremely well, winning all four matches culminating in an exciting county final, where two girls had to be drafted last minute in order to fulfill the requirement of at least two girls per team. The team is now through to the County Final in April and we wish them the very best of luck.

Before we break up for a well-deserved Easter holiday the juniors will be competing for Sports relief and the infant children have a day of sponsored events. Finally, there is the Easter Egg Hunt where the infant children and their siblings will be searching high and low in the playground for chocolate eggs.

We are all looking forward to the new term and the joint School Summer Fair in May, Village Day in June, Sports Day and the most recent initiative from the Friends of Eastwick Schools – a celebratory Summer Ball in July.

Mie Thiede Coombe Eastwick parent

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